Tuesday, 23 December 2008

So what a year!
We worked our balls off during our first year of Shapes, gigging as much as possible and getting round as much of the country as possible.

We want to thank all the people that have supported us in 08, mostly the people who come to watch us, and also the bands we've met along the way and the lovely promoters who've looked after us, as well as the lovely reviewers who kindly wrote good things about us.

Here's a brief account of what we got up to in 2008:
Started gigging without having fully written a set, but couldn't wait to get started.
Wrote and recorded our debut EP and released it through Godmonkey Recordings.
Took on a 2 week tour with OK Pilot.
Went on tour with Exeter's Targets
Took Conquistadors on the road for a week
Went out on tour with our good mates Blakfish
Joined the BSM Xmas tour for a few dates.
Outside of tour dates we also played some awesome shows including Rapturefest, Bonefest, Blakfish EP launch, and even took part in the BSM 5-a-side football comp with Blakfish, which was a sweaty, sicky, drunken, rowdy mess!

Now as we draw to a close of 08, we're really looking forward to 09, with a lot of exciting things in the pipeline:
We'll be recording a 5 or 6 track EP in January.
10 date tour in February.EP release and nice big fat tour with No Kilter in May
And a few other cheeky surprises to be announced soon too.

Again, thanks for all the support and see you in 2009!
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year MoFos!!!!!

Friday, 19 December 2008

Rock Midgets Best of 2008

We were asked by the lovely people at Rock Midgets to give our views on the music of 2008. Unfortunately they cut out the question where we name dropped all our fave British bands on the scene at the moment.

But, the rest is online now CLICK

ALSO - Thanks to everyone who sent us kind words about our new track, glad it's being appreciated. It's called Such Stoics, by the way.

Thursday, 18 December 2008


We've put up a new demo track on our myspace at www.myspace.com/weareshapes

Go enjoy x

Monday, 15 December 2008

Last 2008 Gig and Demo tracks

We played our final show of 2008 this weekend, as the last of the BSM Xmas shows and also the Flapper Xmas Bash it was quite a night.

Sunday we spent 13 hours locked in Hockley Street Studios in Birmingham with our mate Thompson from the band This Is Greed recording new demo tracks. We got 3 tracks down and had a real good time doing them, which is a rariety for a recording session, let alone a rushed one!

We'll be putting one of the tracks up online soon, so keep your eyes peeled!

Monday, 8 December 2008

The weekend

Well Kingston was a bit lame, but fun nevertheless, and Resonate played a corker of a set. Check them out if you haven't already www.myspace.com/reso
Bonefest was utterly awesome. We were 1st on, but weere fortunate enough to have a good crowd to watch us, and we were even more fortunate enough to be able to see some amazing bands playing. Particular highlights being Shoes and Socks Off and No Kilter (who we'll be touring with next year) and the Blakfish set, which was bloody great!
We're playing with Zach Hill of Hella and Shield Your Eyes on Tuesday in Nottingham, then with This Town Needs Guns and Blakfish in Brixton

Thursday, 4 December 2008

This Weekend - Kingston and Leeds

This weekend we're playing in Kingston on Friday with Resonate (Lockjaw Records) and Brontide (Holy Roar Records). It's at The Fighting Cocks, which is an awesome little venue (FACT) and is only £4.00 in.

Then on Saturday we are happy to be part of BONEFEST:

We're opening up, so get there early, doors midday and we're on at 12.45.


Thursday, 27 November 2008

December Shows

Here's a lovely little flyer courtesy of our good friend Sam Lambert

Wednesday, 19 November 2008

You may have noticed we've chilled out on the gigs this month. It's because our lovely Rich is away for a few weeks harrassing the Americans with Mr Gordo.
While he is away we're sorting out next years tours, recording and getting some new stuff jammed out ready to write the rest of the new record.

We'll be gigging a bit in december at the following gigs:

5th Dec - The Fighting Cock, Kingston w/HPR, Rig Up Explosive and Resonate
6th Dec - Bonefest @ Brudenell Social, Leeds, w/ loadsa awesome bands!!!
9th Dec - Bodega Social, Nottingham w/Zach Hill (Hella, Team Sleep) + Shield Your Eyes
10th Dec - BSM Xmas Party @ The Windmaill, Brixton w/ This Town Needs Guns, Blakfish + Shoes & Socks Off
13th Dec -The Flapper, Birmingham w/ Blakfish, OK Pilot, Calories, Conquistadors & more...

Hell yeah!! x

Wednesday, 5 November 2008

Writing & Recording

We looked ourselves up in our lockup this weekend. Lockup, loc up, lock pup lok cup..

The reason for this was to finish writing some of the new tracks. So all day Saturday and Sunday were speantin a windowless, damp room writing and then recording the 3 new tracks.

We started mixing them last night, and we'll see how they come out, we may put them online if they sound any good like....

We'll keep you informed :)

Monday, 27 October 2008


We've been real busy lately and have therefore neglected ths blog - sorry!
So here's the last couple of weeks in short....

The dates with Blakfish went well, unfortunately a few were a bit lame, but we had a bloody good time anyway. Particular highlights were:
  • Playing in a front room in Southampton
  • Driving home from Plymouth to get 4hrs sleep then go to work.
  • Taping Wiz's whole face up.
  • Spraying people with fire extinguishers and nearly getting battered for it.
  • Blakfish breaking EVERYTHING in Lichfield, and a stroppy sound guy moaning.
  • Sellotaping a drumstick to a broken mic stand, to hold 2 mics - we're fuckin DIY we are!
  • Driving home from Huddersfield to get 4hrs sleep then go to work.
  • Rockin out to Blakfish with feet on monitors - Rock n roll!!


We played with Bellafea at The Rainbow last night. Not many people were there, and boy did they miss out! Bellafea were pretty sick and really lovely people too. You should check them out - www.myspace.com/bellfea

SHOWS...or lack of shows...

We're playing on Nov 3rd with Blakfish, Outcry Collectibve and Cut The Blue Wire at The Rainbow again. Tis gonna be sick. Come to it.

After that we're not playing any more shows til December, as we need to write some new music for your beautiful little ears.

Friday, 3 October 2008

We're off on tour with Blakfish next week. Hell yeah!!!
Come and dance, drink and make noise with us.

If you're living in a little bubble and haven't yet heard the awesome Blakfish, go to www.myspace.com/blakfish and check them badboys out.

Also see http://www.samlambert.com/ for more designs from Sam, who kindly did the tour flyer for us. Thanks Sam.

Thursday, 2 October 2008

On Dry Land

Our good friends in On Dry Land have now added us to their roster, so we will be booking some more tours and shows outside of UK next year. On Dry Land currently work with Blakfish, Tubelord, The JCQ, Colour, No Kilter and more awesome bands.
We're very excited......so much so Steve had a little bit of wee come out of the end of his willy!

Check out what those badboys do at

And if anyone wants to get invovled in any of our future tours, please contact
kirk.harrington@gmail.com (yes it's that bloody email address that you see everywhere!)

Monday, 29 September 2008

The stangeness continues...

So the tour continued, with us playing Bar Academy on Friday night, which was alright, good amount of people, but idiotic sound engineer, who took great pleasure in asking 'Is that really how you really hit your snare..?' - what kind of question is that? No, it's how i butter my toast! Fool.

Harrogate was bloody wierd. We loaded in to the venue, a funny little pub with a back room for the gig, all cool though. The woman behind the bar was pretty mental though, but let us get on with stuff. Then about half hour later a chair was accidentally knocked over and the women turned into a hate-ridden beast, shouting at everyone, yelling for us to all leave - maniac! She was clearly out of her mind, ranting on about respect and chairs, beer and all sorts. Mental.

We luckily got another venue and moved the gig, rocked out and got drunk. then good times were had back at Josh's, with nuff beer comsumption and idioticy.

Local support supplied by venue, turn up late and missing a member, had loads of equipment, went on far too late and then insisted on trying to play every song they'd ever written. After their lame indie drab crap set finished, we were left about 45mins to fit Conquistadors and our sets in. Conks played an awesome set, by far the best I've seen them, and we went and made some noise and a mess. I threw up straight after too, good times.

So in conclusion, it has been the least successful and wierdest tour ever, but it's been bloody funny!!
Big up Conquistadors - www.myspace.com/conquistadorsmusic

Friday, 26 September 2008

Fuck Halifax

Sorry if you're from Halifax, but I don't like it anymore.

We went to play the 1st date of our little tour with Conquistadors and were completely screwed over.
No flyers, no local supports and then not even allowed to play!!!

I think they expected a coldplay tribute or something, but out music was not welcome at Bar crapping Rouge.

Sent home, with only half the moeny we were meant to get, so lost money on fuel, as well as wasting hours of our time. PANTS.

Birmingham tonight -that should be a goodun though.