Monday, 29 September 2008

The stangeness continues...

So the tour continued, with us playing Bar Academy on Friday night, which was alright, good amount of people, but idiotic sound engineer, who took great pleasure in asking 'Is that really how you really hit your snare..?' - what kind of question is that? No, it's how i butter my toast! Fool.

Harrogate was bloody wierd. We loaded in to the venue, a funny little pub with a back room for the gig, all cool though. The woman behind the bar was pretty mental though, but let us get on with stuff. Then about half hour later a chair was accidentally knocked over and the women turned into a hate-ridden beast, shouting at everyone, yelling for us to all leave - maniac! She was clearly out of her mind, ranting on about respect and chairs, beer and all sorts. Mental.

We luckily got another venue and moved the gig, rocked out and got drunk. then good times were had back at Josh's, with nuff beer comsumption and idioticy.

Local support supplied by venue, turn up late and missing a member, had loads of equipment, went on far too late and then insisted on trying to play every song they'd ever written. After their lame indie drab crap set finished, we were left about 45mins to fit Conquistadors and our sets in. Conks played an awesome set, by far the best I've seen them, and we went and made some noise and a mess. I threw up straight after too, good times.

So in conclusion, it has been the least successful and wierdest tour ever, but it's been bloody funny!!
Big up Conquistadors -

Friday, 26 September 2008

Fuck Halifax

Sorry if you're from Halifax, but I don't like it anymore.

We went to play the 1st date of our little tour with Conquistadors and were completely screwed over.
No flyers, no local supports and then not even allowed to play!!!

I think they expected a coldplay tribute or something, but out music was not welcome at Bar crapping Rouge.

Sent home, with only half the moeny we were meant to get, so lost money on fuel, as well as wasting hours of our time. PANTS.

Birmingham tonight -that should be a goodun though.