Monday, 27 October 2008


We've been real busy lately and have therefore neglected ths blog - sorry!
So here's the last couple of weeks in short....

The dates with Blakfish went well, unfortunately a few were a bit lame, but we had a bloody good time anyway. Particular highlights were:
  • Playing in a front room in Southampton
  • Driving home from Plymouth to get 4hrs sleep then go to work.
  • Taping Wiz's whole face up.
  • Spraying people with fire extinguishers and nearly getting battered for it.
  • Blakfish breaking EVERYTHING in Lichfield, and a stroppy sound guy moaning.
  • Sellotaping a drumstick to a broken mic stand, to hold 2 mics - we're fuckin DIY we are!
  • Driving home from Huddersfield to get 4hrs sleep then go to work.
  • Rockin out to Blakfish with feet on monitors - Rock n roll!!


We played with Bellafea at The Rainbow last night. Not many people were there, and boy did they miss out! Bellafea were pretty sick and really lovely people too. You should check them out -

SHOWS...or lack of shows...

We're playing on Nov 3rd with Blakfish, Outcry Collectibve and Cut The Blue Wire at The Rainbow again. Tis gonna be sick. Come to it.

After that we're not playing any more shows til December, as we need to write some new music for your beautiful little ears.

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