Thursday, 26 November 2009

You Butcher Tabbed

Some crazy ass mofo has tabbed You Butcher.

You Butcher Tab

I don't know if it i right, but we'll be having a go at it at some point, let us know if it sounds good.

Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Ups and Downs

So we played the Topman CTRL gig curated by Gallows on Thursday, with our good friends Soni Quella. And this week we're gonna go bag us some Topman clothes as a reward, so don't be surprised when you next see us and we actually look decent!!

We were meant to be doing a kick-ass tour with Youves starting the day after, but the Friday was cancelled. Bad Start. Then we headed to Middlesborough for a gig on the Saturday, but didn't really consider it being Halloween and everyone being more interested in Zombies than music, so we played to a drunken swarm of frankensteins and ill looking nurses (or something like that). Youves were awesome and we were treated to a load of toast back at the house we were stopping at (See - good blog!! *read on everyone else that wasn't there..).

We hit the road at 9.30am and finally arrived at the next destination, Bournemouth, yes the other end of the country, at about 6pm. Unfortunately the audience consisted of as many people as the drive consisted of hours. Not the greatest reception considering the drive!

Cambridge was fun, and Youves totally owned it. Liverppol was cancelled too, and now we just wait til next weeks London show.

It's a real shame cos Youves have been bloody awesome and it's been dick-tastic hanging out with them, but I'm sure we'll get to do it again sometime soon.

Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Danish Pigmeat Industry.

Update//Oct 09...
so, we're sat back along side reality, wishing that we weren't, work and play, work and play, I’m forever wondering if this shiny shapes carousel will ever stop spinning as it making me sick and I want to get off. It'll be nice to stay straight for a while, I guess it's not without a few perquisites tied along for the ride and I suppose why we go round and round is because we haven't found somewhere to get off yet. Any artistic outlet will understand that it will never pay for itself so we're convinced by ourselves that a little hard work goes a long way and with good friends you can never really go wrong! Due to a more recent magical happening we are able to see just that, Mimas! these lovely Danish wonders unlike shapes enjoy more delicate quirkier sounds filtering out through their beautiful minds.

We're been as busy as ever since our return home, back swimming the streams of the river of shit that I like to call the British motorway systems, doing what we do best, jump, strike note, shout, jump some more, vomit! Anyone for a Danish?
The pleasure has been all ours, although unfortunately having a couple of dates cancelled on such short notice due to ferry cancellations (as Mimas would say, Fuckers!), this put a slight damper on the tour as we were excited to be spending the whole week together but i guess its only left us wanting more. We still managed to make the most of this one though, ok so we still had to venture home most nights, believe me we did not want to but anyone that knows us, knows that’s how we're obligated to function.

So we managed the following . . .

9th Oct - Norwich Arts Centre, Norwich
10th Oct - Royal Park Cellars, Leeds
12th Oct - City Screen Basement Bar, York
13th Oct - The Red House, Sheffield
14th Oct - The Flapper, Birmingham - cancelled
15th Oct - Chameleon Arts Cafe, Nottingham - cancelled

Four dates, not as many as we liked but something’s you just can't help. We absolutely love those Danish prince's Mimas, I strongly recommend that you jump to the opportunity to see them live, unfortunately it will have to be next time they are in the UK as if your reading this now then you've gone and missed it. These 'death-indie' wonders will have you singing along in no time and if you want to sing along you can and not feel ridicules because chances are most people there will be singing too.
we've known Mimas for quite a while now and have had the pleasure of playing with them several times before across the British underground, I think its time we worm our way over to demark and start a super group with these boys, imagine the chaos.

More on our agenda are these two events thats will see us through to the end of October,
25th Oct - Hockley Hustle @ Bodega Social, Nottingham
29th Oct - Topman CTRL curated by Gallows @ The Flapper, Birmingham
(below as a previous post you can see the detail for this)
come and say hello.

Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Gallows pick us for Topman gig

We're real happy to be picked by Gallows to play the next Topman CTRL event. You can find more details on what Topman CTRL is and why Gallows have picked us at

The gig will be at The Flapper on Thursday 29th October, just before we head out on tour with Youves!
We'll be putting some more stuff up on here over the next week or so, including footage from the Mimas tour and JAPAN!!!

Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Home time.....

So thats it for shapes in the land of the rising sun or probably a more accurate name would be land of the crazy bastards! We`re really gonna miss this amazing country and playing to such awesome people every night but all good things must come to an end and i`m not sure how much more cold rice i can take!

Since being here we`ve realised a few things;

1) We are very tall.

2) Rich DEFINATELY does not like japanese food.

3) All you can drink kareoke is the greatest concept of the eastern world.

4) We owe zankyo records a beer.

Now with an 18 hour journey back to the uk we have some great memories and some great new friends and fans of the band, we`ve shared sweat, spit and sushi with what feels like half of japan, we were lucky enough to play all our shows with a great swedish band called scraps of tape and were taken care of like we were westlife (without the fat one) by a great tour manager/friend called juinki .

Anyway gotta go I`ve saved just enough money to pay for around 6 hours in the massage chair at the airport so hopefully after that they`ll have to pour me onto the plane like a curly soup.

Tuesday, 22 September 2009

goodnight tokyo!!!

Firstly massive apologies for the lack of content in this blog this week...we`ve been using a communal internet access and cant really upload videos or photos, but we have loads to share when we get home.

Tonight we played the most intimate show of them and it was amazing!! We had the pleasure of sharing of playing with our swedish friends Scraps of Tape check them out here and we also played with some other brillaint bands from across the globe, including the japanese wonders Cinema Staff who are lovely lovely boys.

We are so happy to be part of the Zankyo family and are having the best time of our lives. Jpan rock.

We`ll try and shed some more light on things tomorrow or soon at least.

luv to our families and friends x x

Monday, 21 September 2009

Gotta be real quick...

Last night was awesome, amazing crowd (lots of them!!) and amazing bands. One of japans biggest rock bands 9mm parabellum bullet plyed and scraps of tape were bloody awesome.

Check SOTs blog for better updates than ours

second tokyo gig tonight


Sunday, 20 September 2009


So its taken some time to get to do the first blog and its now four thirty am and on a Japanese computer, so please excuse how this may read!!

Japan so far has been more than amazing, despite a thirty hour trip to get to osaka, we were welcomed with open arms and everyone is awesome, especially our new best friend and most excellent tour manager Junki - he rocks.

Zankyo Records are amazingly organised and we have had everything sorted for us so well.

OSAKA Club Quattro
The venue is in the middle of the centre on the top floor of a shopping centre, and is well cool. We joined a load of other Zankyo bands and were lcky enough to play to a packed out 600 audience - it was jaw droppping.

NAGOYA - Club Quattro
Another brilliant venue and again at the top of a shopping centre. The crowd were amazing and it`s crazy how they respond to us. We`ve even been signing tee shirts and stuff haha. We found a feature in a Japanese magazine on us and a sick band from Sweden Scraps Of Tape, who we have been sharing our bus with, they are excelellent guys and bloody brilliant band too.

Headlining both nights has been te, who are well worth checking out.

We`re playing one of Tokyo`s top venues tomorrow, along with a load of awesome bands and are really excited.

This trip so far has been nothing short of amazing, and hopefully will carry on that way.

We`ll get some pics and videos online when we can...promise
For now - Sayanora!!!!

Wednesday, 2 September 2009

We're going to Japan!!!!

We’re absolutely amazingly excited to be going to Japan!

We’ll be over there for a week, playing four shows, in Osaka, Nagoya and two in Tokyo, as part of Zankyo Records Annual Festival.

We’re going over there to promote the release of our album over there (album consisting of tracks of both UK released EPs) via the mighty Zankyo Records, home to 65 Days of Static and Youth Movies amongst numerous awesome Japanese bands too.

We’ll be flying out on 17th September and then get to play these awesome gigs:

19.09 - Osaka Shinsaibashi CLUB QUATTRO
20.09 - Nagoya CLUB QUATTRO
21.09 - Tokyo Shibuya O-EAST & DUO MUSIC EXCHANGE

We get a nice day of sightseeing at the end before heading home back to reality.

We’ll hopefully be keeping our blog page updated with photos and stories of our weird and wonderful experiences

Friday, 17 July 2009


We're putting a new song online on Monday ffor 1 week only.

Get on it whilst you can!!!

Monday, 29 June 2009

Live video

Thanks to the awesome people at Beatcast TV we have a video of our set at Hot Damn...


Thursday, 18 June 2009

Things Going On


Still we haven'tt bothered trying to sum up Ireland, but we'll get round to that another day, in the meantime though...

We're off to Serafina Studios to record a new track, which we will be releasing on 10" vinyl alongside tracks from The Tupolev Ghost, Brontide and Holy State, courtesy of BSM and Holy Roar Records.
That will be out at the start of August. And yes, we're very excited to do avinyl, nevermind alongside such good bands.

August Tour
So this leads on nicely to us doing some shows in August with Brontide. Nearly all of the dates are booked now and are on our myspace page

BSM Summer Collection
Big Scary Monsters have a sexy new compilation coming out next month, which you can see full details of on There's some awesome stuff on there, and we've got a track and the Trampled By A Horse video too. Go have a mooooooch


Thursday, 11 June 2009

Kerrang Review

Ireland was a disaster, but that's another story....

On the other hand, Kerrang liked our show with Blakfish at The Great Escape.

Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Off to Ireland

We're off to Ireland tomoro, with the ever-so-sexy Blakfish. It's going to be chaos. We'll do our best to get back alive, but can't promise anything.

If anyone reading this (does anyone read this...?) is in Ireland and lives near/in Dublin, Cork or Derry, then come to one of the bloody gigs you beautiful Irelander!!!

Guiness Guiness Guiness!

Friday, 15 May 2009

Tour - Day whatever...

We played in Portsmouth last night which was sick, it was bloody hot and sweaty as hell, but good fun! Thanks to Dan from Munroe Effect for sorting the show out, and thanks to La Roux for letting us try and play louder than they were next door!

Tonight we’re off to Camden to play The Purple Turtle with HORSE the band, Blakfish, The JCQ and a few more – apparently it’s gonna be busy busy, and we’re being filmed too, which you’ll be able to see sometime soon.

Tomorrow (Sat) we’re playing the BSM showcase at The Grreat Escape Festival. It’s free entry at The Hobgoblin, from 3pm til 8pm. We’ll be joined by Mutiny on the Bounty, Crown on the rats orchestra, blakfish and This Town Needs Guns. This will be awesome!


Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Tour - Days 5,6 and 7

I'll try and squash this in quickly...

Huddersfield was pretty cool, we played, we drank we got letter P's tattooed on us by Maude, we didn't sleep much

Saturday we were meant to play a house show but didn't and sat in the botanical gardens and got drunk instead.

We then drank a bit more and a load more then ended up at a house party full of neon lights and strobes. I (Gavin) managed to pass out at the house and wake up with no glasses, no phone, no friends and no idea where the fuck I was!! It was pretty crazy!

Sunday was hungover, we ate a roast dinner in a pie. We played The Harley and were very well looked after by the lovely people there. A girl from BroOklyn played who was very good, some dickheads with synths played, they were fuckin shite, The JCQ played and were awesome, we played and were tired, but obviously rocked the balls off the remaining 10 people ;)

We've enjoyed a couple of days chilling now and were meant to be playing Southampton at a house party tonight, but Steve has got some kind of flu/bug/deathbug so can't. Hopefully we'll be good for Portsmouth and the scikass shows on Fri and Sat.....fingers crossed

Friday, 8 May 2009

Tour - Day 4


We played at a cool bar in the centre of Nottingham called The Chameleon Arts Cafe, pretty sweet, like a massive old student house almost, but without the smell of piss.

Talons were missing two members, but still rocked the shiznit, Thew JCQ were utterly mental as usual, even though Maude managed to get stranded in Manchester and had only walked into the venue about 5mins before they played.

Our set was a fuckin nightmare!! Bass problems seemed to get the better of us, so the bass got smashed up in different ways during different parts of the set! Oh well, shit happens.

This weekend we have Huddersfields tonight, then probably be playing a house party in Manchester on Saturday and then in Sheffield on Sunday. We've been travelling home every night so far to go to work, but not the weekend so partying is well in order!!!!!

Thursday, 7 May 2009

Tour - Day 3

We played The Old Blue Last for a BSM showcase kinda ting last night, which was sicker than dead babies!

Talons opened up with strings a plenty and riffs galore, they're playin Nottingham with us tonight to, check em out myspaz/gotalons..

Blakfish literally tore the place apart (as usual) and we had a pretty good set, completed by Mule Fish joining us for the extra added vocals at the end of You Butcher. We fuckin loved it.

Huw Stephens played Trampled By A Horse last night on his Radio 1 show, which is cool. You can hear it at and please feel free to email him and tell him to play the damn thing again sometime soon!

Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Tour - Day 2

Manchester @ Kro Bar

We were greeted and welcomed by the lovely people who were promoting the show, 'Killing A Camera Collective' - proper nice chaps!

The JCQ played the most sickeningly brutal and jaw-dropping set, it was mayhem, utter insanity - loved it. We caught some of Rig Up Explosive's set too, having not seen them before despite seeing their name dotted arounds lots, them were good! and a nice bunch too.

We played a nightmare set with runaway kick drums and pedals that wouldn't work - but it was fun nonetheless and a few new faces joining a few familiar ones made for a good night.

Tonight we're in London at The Old Blue Last for a free entry BSM show - it's gonna sick, with Blakfish and Talons - booooom!!

Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Start of tour

So the 'Lock Up Your Pets' Tour kicked off at a rate of knots last night, with our Birmingham EP Release show at The Flapper. The JCQ opened up with their balls out big style, followed by a tight-as-steve's-lycra (check this pic!) set from Blakfish, and we then had the task of following them, so did our very best.

Twas a great night and a brilliant start to the tour and glad to have so many people out to celebrate the release of 'The Pasture, The Oil' which is out now so go buy one damn you!

Manchester tonight @ Kro Bar. Yes.

Friday, 17 April 2009


We're going on tour to promote the new release.
The England dates are mostly with The James Cleaver Quintet and then we go to Ireland with the marvellous Blakfish

Proper excited!

Wednesday, 1 April 2009

New Track with Video

Opening Track from The Pasture, The Oil - Out 4th May through Big Scary Monsters

Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Booking May Tour

We're booking a tour to back the release of our first record for BSM.We'll be looking to play through the majority of May with our mates in The JCQ.


Rockmidgets ones to watch, Noisy Birmingham 3 piece with raw and loud live show on tour to promote new EP 'The Pasture, The Oil' released through Big Scary Monsters on May 4th.

New Punktastic review -

"fidgety bass, off-kilter screams and quite literally tearing the roof off the place to get their point across. Well, quite literally, almost." - New Noise Live Review
"a band that move walls and smash windows with their live sound" - Push To Fire
"Ones to watch" - Subba Cultcha

The James Clever Quintet

Topped for big things in 09, Party Rock And Roll to smash your car up to. Releasing first EP (finally) and packing an energetic live show to envy many.

"Madness meets Blood Brothers in Hell" Eyan - Rig Up Explosive
"Takin a kick in the nuts while havin your gooch tongued by Kerry Katona." Lewis - Colour

Taking bookings through May 09, so please get in touch if you want us in your town -

Dates so far:
Mon 4th - The Flapper, Birmingham
Tues 5th- Kro Bar, Manchester
Wed 6th –Old Blue Last, London
Thurs 7th – Chameleon Arts Cafe, Nottingham
Sat 9th - Fighting Cocks, Kingston
Thurs 14th –Fat Fox, Portsmouth
Fri 15th Purple Turtle, Camden (Hot Damn night)
Sat 16th –The Great Escape Festival
Thurs 21st –Engine Rooms, Brighton (Hot Damn night)

Any dates you can offer - please get in touch

Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Punktastic Review had a listen to our new record and quite liked it.

See for yourself at


Friday, 13 March 2009

Get Your Learn On **Free Download**

You can download the entire Get Your Learn On EP for free!!

Click below...

Also included is acopy of You Butcher.


Wednesday, 4 March 2009

New Track Coming

We're putting up a Brand New track of the forthcoming EP on Monday 9th March at Midday.

Keep a look out!

Monday, 16 February 2009

Good News & Bad News

You get the bad news first...

I (Gavin) ended up helping difuse a heated moment at a party on Saturday and consequently spent the night in A&E receiving 6 stitches to my hand, after slicing open the part between my thumb and finger. Luckily there should be no more long-term damage, but was told it will be couple of months before I'll be playing drums again. It goes without saying that I'm Really Pissed Off!!

Good News however....
We can today announce the awesome news that we have signed to our favourite UK label 'Big Scary Monsters'. We're massively excited to be joining the bsm family, which is most definitely the best label for us to be working with.
We'll be putting our new record out through bsm in May - woohoo!!

Hopefully I'll have my hand back in action ready for the release tour in May (fingers crossed). In the meantime our good friend Wiz from Blakfish will be filling in on drums when possible. The cuirrent tour weith Munroe Effect will continue from Wednesday with Wiz playing, so check dates on our page for info.

Thanks for all the kind words so far x

Tuesday, 10 February 2009

New Limited RunTees!!

We've got some lovely new tees for the tour. We're only doin this 1 run of them, so get them while you can!
Big up to the Mr Gordo for producing some ill shit yet again!!


Friday, 6 February 2009


The lovely (and obviously full of good taste) people at Rock Midgets have included us in their Best Of The New Breed 2009 feature. Take a look by clicking that little mouse of yours over that link just back there ennit!

Tour starts next week - SCHAWEEEET!

Thursday, 29 January 2009

It's bugly time...

Ok, so i finally managed to get another video together, apologies’ for the amount of time its taken to get round to doing this but there seams to be a lot of illnesses going around at the monment which is probably a result of sleeping in a damp lockup for a week, did i mention that there were NO wash facilities the entire time we were there, NO SHOWERING! Unbearable.

Friday, 23 January 2009

February Tour

We just got the flyer for our February Tour through....


We're doing most of the dates with Munroe Effect and some of the shows without Munroe Effect will see Pattern join us.

Big up to Sam Lambert for the lovely artwork.

We're hoping to get some new tees in time for the tour. We're all out of the White Shapes face tees so the sexy mind of Mr Gordo is pencilling some stuff together for a new design.

We're tracking vocals and little touches today, we'll try and get some videos up asap..

Thursday, 22 January 2009

Still going...

We're still chopping away at the tracks in the studio. Things are going really well and we'll get a video up later hopefully, just haven't had much time to do it yet, but a couple more vids will be going online this week.

We have a little guest in the studio today adding some awesome extras, which you'll see in one of the vids

Tuesday, 20 January 2009


Santa brought Rich a video camera, so we've been playing...

Recording is going well, all the drums are done. Today Rich has his one way ticket to The Tone Zone

Sunday, 18 January 2009

Day 1 Recording @ The Stable's.

So for our first night down @ 'The Stables' in Eastbourne, we prepared ourselve's for our first nights sleep, it seemed that we had to bunk down in a damp room that is commonly used as a practice space.There was a fucking lovely incident where one of the bands that store all their equipment here had returned from a two week tour and wanted to load in all their was 7am. All's fair in love and war, baby!

On a positive note, we're heading into brighton to watch the insanity of The James Clever Quintet tonight, nose's will be broken because i'm going to be windmilling at the fucking front with Steve, We're gonna hit the town like our parachute's failed.

Whilst i finish this up Gabby is currently getting everything ready with Nick to start tracking the drum's. we'll keep you posted.

r x

Friday, 16 January 2009

Ready to record

So we had one last rehearsal last night before going into the studio on Sunday. Luckily we managed to finish the the last song we've been writing, which will be the opening track on the EP - it's a belter and a face-melter!

Keep an eye on the blog, as we'll be posting vids and stuff up whilst recording.

We've been shaping up ready for the graft too......

Big Love

Thursday, 15 January 2009

He saw it coming..

"Owners of capital will stimulate the working class to buy more and more of expensive goods, houses and technology, pushing them to take more and more expensive credits, until their debt becomes unbearable. The unpaid debt will lead to bankruptcy of banks, which will have to be nationalised and the State will have to take the road which will eventually lead to Communism."

Karl Marx
Das Kapital 1867.

Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Jamming video

So, with the new recordings getting ever closer, we've been grafting away writing new stuff. Here's a glimpse of what there is....

We're heading down to the coast on Saturday to start laying down 6 new tracks - weehee excited!!!

Keep an eye on this blog as we'll be putting videos of the recording up on here.

Tuesday, 6 January 2009

1 year old this weekend

This weekend we will be playing a show exactly 1 year after our first ever gig as the 3 piece Shapes.

Come and party, drink, dance, shout, howl and party even more with us in Birmigham at The Island Bar....