Sunday, 18 January 2009

Day 1 Recording @ The Stable's.

So for our first night down @ 'The Stables' in Eastbourne, we prepared ourselve's for our first nights sleep, it seemed that we had to bunk down in a damp room that is commonly used as a practice space.There was a fucking lovely incident where one of the bands that store all their equipment here had returned from a two week tour and wanted to load in all their was 7am. All's fair in love and war, baby!

On a positive note, we're heading into brighton to watch the insanity of The James Clever Quintet tonight, nose's will be broken because i'm going to be windmilling at the fucking front with Steve, We're gonna hit the town like our parachute's failed.

Whilst i finish this up Gabby is currently getting everything ready with Nick to start tracking the drum's. we'll keep you posted.

r x

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