Monday, 16 February 2009

Good News & Bad News

You get the bad news first...

I (Gavin) ended up helping difuse a heated moment at a party on Saturday and consequently spent the night in A&E receiving 6 stitches to my hand, after slicing open the part between my thumb and finger. Luckily there should be no more long-term damage, but was told it will be couple of months before I'll be playing drums again. It goes without saying that I'm Really Pissed Off!!

Good News however....
We can today announce the awesome news that we have signed to our favourite UK label 'Big Scary Monsters'. We're massively excited to be joining the bsm family, which is most definitely the best label for us to be working with.
We'll be putting our new record out through bsm in May - woohoo!!

Hopefully I'll have my hand back in action ready for the release tour in May (fingers crossed). In the meantime our good friend Wiz from Blakfish will be filling in on drums when possible. The cuirrent tour weith Munroe Effect will continue from Wednesday with Wiz playing, so check dates on our page for info.

Thanks for all the kind words so far x

Tuesday, 10 February 2009

New Limited RunTees!!

We've got some lovely new tees for the tour. We're only doin this 1 run of them, so get them while you can!
Big up to the Mr Gordo for producing some ill shit yet again!!


Friday, 6 February 2009


The lovely (and obviously full of good taste) people at Rock Midgets have included us in their Best Of The New Breed 2009 feature. Take a look by clicking that little mouse of yours over that link just back there ennit!

Tour starts next week - SCHAWEEEET!