Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Off to Ireland

We're off to Ireland tomoro, with the ever-so-sexy Blakfish. It's going to be chaos. We'll do our best to get back alive, but can't promise anything.

If anyone reading this (does anyone read this...?) is in Ireland and lives near/in Dublin, Cork or Derry, then come to one of the bloody gigs you beautiful Irelander!!!

Guiness Guiness Guiness!

Friday, 15 May 2009

Tour - Day whatever...

We played in Portsmouth last night which was sick, it was bloody hot and sweaty as hell, but good fun! Thanks to Dan from Munroe Effect for sorting the show out, and thanks to La Roux for letting us try and play louder than they were next door!

Tonight we’re off to Camden to play The Purple Turtle with HORSE the band, Blakfish, The JCQ and a few more – apparently it’s gonna be busy busy, and we’re being filmed too, which you’ll be able to see sometime soon.

Tomorrow (Sat) we’re playing the BSM showcase at The Grreat Escape Festival. It’s free entry at The Hobgoblin, from 3pm til 8pm. We’ll be joined by Mutiny on the Bounty, Crown on the rats orchestra, blakfish and This Town Needs Guns. This will be awesome!


Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Tour - Days 5,6 and 7

I'll try and squash this in quickly...

Huddersfield was pretty cool, we played, we drank we got letter P's tattooed on us by Maude, we didn't sleep much

Saturday we were meant to play a house show but didn't and sat in the botanical gardens and got drunk instead.

We then drank a bit more and a load more then ended up at a house party full of neon lights and strobes. I (Gavin) managed to pass out at the house and wake up with no glasses, no phone, no friends and no idea where the fuck I was!! It was pretty crazy!

Sunday was hungover, we ate a roast dinner in a pie. We played The Harley and were very well looked after by the lovely people there. A girl from BroOklyn played who was very good, some dickheads with synths played, they were fuckin shite, The JCQ played and were awesome, we played and were tired, but obviously rocked the balls off the remaining 10 people ;)

We've enjoyed a couple of days chilling now and were meant to be playing Southampton at a house party tonight, but Steve has got some kind of flu/bug/deathbug so can't. Hopefully we'll be good for Portsmouth and the scikass shows on Fri and Sat.....fingers crossed

Friday, 8 May 2009

Tour - Day 4


We played at a cool bar in the centre of Nottingham called The Chameleon Arts Cafe, pretty sweet, like a massive old student house almost, but without the smell of piss.

Talons were missing two members, but still rocked the shiznit, Thew JCQ were utterly mental as usual, even though Maude managed to get stranded in Manchester and had only walked into the venue about 5mins before they played.

Our set was a fuckin nightmare!! Bass problems seemed to get the better of us, so the bass got smashed up in different ways during different parts of the set! Oh well, shit happens.

This weekend we have Huddersfields tonight, then probably be playing a house party in Manchester on Saturday and then in Sheffield on Sunday. We've been travelling home every night so far to go to work, but not the weekend so partying is well in order!!!!!

Thursday, 7 May 2009

Tour - Day 3

We played The Old Blue Last for a BSM showcase kinda ting last night, which was sicker than dead babies!

Talons opened up with strings a plenty and riffs galore, they're playin Nottingham with us tonight to, check em out myspaz/gotalons..

Blakfish literally tore the place apart (as usual) and we had a pretty good set, completed by Mule Fish joining us for the extra added vocals at the end of You Butcher. We fuckin loved it.

Huw Stephens played Trampled By A Horse last night on his Radio 1 show, which is cool. You can hear it at and please feel free to email him and tell him to play the damn thing again sometime soon!

Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Tour - Day 2

Manchester @ Kro Bar

We were greeted and welcomed by the lovely people who were promoting the show, 'Killing A Camera Collective' - proper nice chaps!

The JCQ played the most sickeningly brutal and jaw-dropping set, it was mayhem, utter insanity - loved it. We caught some of Rig Up Explosive's set too, having not seen them before despite seeing their name dotted arounds lots, them were good! and a nice bunch too.

We played a nightmare set with runaway kick drums and pedals that wouldn't work - but it was fun nonetheless and a few new faces joining a few familiar ones made for a good night.

Tonight we're in London at The Old Blue Last for a free entry BSM show - it's gonna sick, with Blakfish and Talons - booooom!!

Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Start of tour

So the 'Lock Up Your Pets' Tour kicked off at a rate of knots last night, with our Birmingham EP Release show at The Flapper. The JCQ opened up with their balls out big style, followed by a tight-as-steve's-lycra (check this pic!) set from Blakfish, and we then had the task of following them, so did our very best.

Twas a great night and a brilliant start to the tour and glad to have so many people out to celebrate the release of 'The Pasture, The Oil' which is out now so go buy one damn you!

Manchester tonight @ Kro Bar. Yes.