Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Tour - Day 2

Manchester @ Kro Bar

We were greeted and welcomed by the lovely people who were promoting the show, 'Killing A Camera Collective' - proper nice chaps!

The JCQ played the most sickeningly brutal and jaw-dropping set, it was mayhem, utter insanity - loved it. We caught some of Rig Up Explosive's set too, having not seen them before despite seeing their name dotted arounds lots, them were good! and a nice bunch too.

We played a nightmare set with runaway kick drums and pedals that wouldn't work - but it was fun nonetheless and a few new faces joining a few familiar ones made for a good night.

Tonight we're in London at The Old Blue Last for a free entry BSM show - it's gonna sick, with Blakfish and Talons - booooom!!

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