Friday, 8 May 2009

Tour - Day 4


We played at a cool bar in the centre of Nottingham called The Chameleon Arts Cafe, pretty sweet, like a massive old student house almost, but without the smell of piss.

Talons were missing two members, but still rocked the shiznit, Thew JCQ were utterly mental as usual, even though Maude managed to get stranded in Manchester and had only walked into the venue about 5mins before they played.

Our set was a fuckin nightmare!! Bass problems seemed to get the better of us, so the bass got smashed up in different ways during different parts of the set! Oh well, shit happens.

This weekend we have Huddersfields tonight, then probably be playing a house party in Manchester on Saturday and then in Sheffield on Sunday. We've been travelling home every night so far to go to work, but not the weekend so partying is well in order!!!!!

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