Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Tour - Days 5,6 and 7

I'll try and squash this in quickly...

Huddersfield was pretty cool, we played, we drank we got letter P's tattooed on us by Maude, we didn't sleep much

Saturday we were meant to play a house show but didn't and sat in the botanical gardens and got drunk instead.

We then drank a bit more and a load more then ended up at a house party full of neon lights and strobes. I (Gavin) managed to pass out at the house and wake up with no glasses, no phone, no friends and no idea where the fuck I was!! It was pretty crazy!

Sunday was hungover, we ate a roast dinner in a pie. We played The Harley and were very well looked after by the lovely people there. A girl from BroOklyn played who was very good, some dickheads with synths played, they were fuckin shite, The JCQ played and were awesome, we played and were tired, but obviously rocked the balls off the remaining 10 people ;)

We've enjoyed a couple of days chilling now and were meant to be playing Southampton at a house party tonight, but Steve has got some kind of flu/bug/deathbug so can't. Hopefully we'll be good for Portsmouth and the scikass shows on Fri and Sat.....fingers crossed

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