Thursday, 18 June 2009

Things Going On


Still we haven'tt bothered trying to sum up Ireland, but we'll get round to that another day, in the meantime though...

We're off to Serafina Studios to record a new track, which we will be releasing on 10" vinyl alongside tracks from The Tupolev Ghost, Brontide and Holy State, courtesy of BSM and Holy Roar Records.
That will be out at the start of August. And yes, we're very excited to do avinyl, nevermind alongside such good bands.

August Tour
So this leads on nicely to us doing some shows in August with Brontide. Nearly all of the dates are booked now and are on our myspace page

BSM Summer Collection
Big Scary Monsters have a sexy new compilation coming out next month, which you can see full details of on There's some awesome stuff on there, and we've got a track and the Trampled By A Horse video too. Go have a mooooooch


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