Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Home time.....

So thats it for shapes in the land of the rising sun or probably a more accurate name would be land of the crazy bastards! We`re really gonna miss this amazing country and playing to such awesome people every night but all good things must come to an end and i`m not sure how much more cold rice i can take!

Since being here we`ve realised a few things;

1) We are very tall.

2) Rich DEFINATELY does not like japanese food.

3) All you can drink kareoke is the greatest concept of the eastern world.

4) We owe zankyo records a beer.

Now with an 18 hour journey back to the uk we have some great memories and some great new friends and fans of the band, we`ve shared sweat, spit and sushi with what feels like half of japan, we were lucky enough to play all our shows with a great swedish band called scraps of tape and were taken care of like we were westlife (without the fat one) by a great tour manager/friend called juinki .

Anyway gotta go I`ve saved just enough money to pay for around 6 hours in the massage chair at the airport so hopefully after that they`ll have to pour me onto the plane like a curly soup.

Tuesday, 22 September 2009

goodnight tokyo!!!

Firstly massive apologies for the lack of content in this blog this week...we`ve been using a communal internet access and cant really upload videos or photos, but we have loads to share when we get home.

Tonight we played the most intimate show of them and it was amazing!! We had the pleasure of sharing of playing with our swedish friends Scraps of Tape check them out here and we also played with some other brillaint bands from across the globe, including the japanese wonders Cinema Staff who are lovely lovely boys.

We are so happy to be part of the Zankyo family and are having the best time of our lives. Jpan rock.

We`ll try and shed some more light on things tomorrow or soon at least.

luv to our families and friends x x

Monday, 21 September 2009

Gotta be real quick...

Last night was awesome, amazing crowd (lots of them!!) and amazing bands. One of japans biggest rock bands 9mm parabellum bullet plyed and scraps of tape were bloody awesome.

Check SOTs blog for better updates than ours

second tokyo gig tonight


Sunday, 20 September 2009


So its taken some time to get to do the first blog and its now four thirty am and on a Japanese computer, so please excuse how this may read!!

Japan so far has been more than amazing, despite a thirty hour trip to get to osaka, we were welcomed with open arms and everyone is awesome, especially our new best friend and most excellent tour manager Junki - he rocks.

Zankyo Records are amazingly organised and we have had everything sorted for us so well.

OSAKA Club Quattro
The venue is in the middle of the centre on the top floor of a shopping centre, and is well cool. We joined a load of other Zankyo bands and were lcky enough to play to a packed out 600 audience - it was jaw droppping.

NAGOYA - Club Quattro
Another brilliant venue and again at the top of a shopping centre. The crowd were amazing and it`s crazy how they respond to us. We`ve even been signing tee shirts and stuff haha. We found a feature in a Japanese magazine on us and a sick band from Sweden Scraps Of Tape, who we have been sharing our bus with, they are excelellent guys and bloody brilliant band too.

Headlining both nights has been te, who are well worth checking out.

We`re playing one of Tokyo`s top venues tomorrow, along with a load of awesome bands and are really excited.

This trip so far has been nothing short of amazing, and hopefully will carry on that way.

We`ll get some pics and videos online when we can...promise
For now - Sayanora!!!!

Wednesday, 2 September 2009

We're going to Japan!!!!

We’re absolutely amazingly excited to be going to Japan!

We’ll be over there for a week, playing four shows, in Osaka, Nagoya and two in Tokyo, as part of Zankyo Records Annual Festival.

We’re going over there to promote the release of our album over there (album consisting of tracks of both UK released EPs) via the mighty Zankyo Records, home to 65 Days of Static and Youth Movies amongst numerous awesome Japanese bands too.

We’ll be flying out on 17th September and then get to play these awesome gigs:

19.09 - Osaka Shinsaibashi CLUB QUATTRO
20.09 - Nagoya CLUB QUATTRO
21.09 - Tokyo Shibuya O-EAST & DUO MUSIC EXCHANGE

We get a nice day of sightseeing at the end before heading home back to reality.

We’ll hopefully be keeping our blog page updated with photos and stories of our weird and wonderful experiences