Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Home time.....

So thats it for shapes in the land of the rising sun or probably a more accurate name would be land of the crazy bastards! We`re really gonna miss this amazing country and playing to such awesome people every night but all good things must come to an end and i`m not sure how much more cold rice i can take!

Since being here we`ve realised a few things;

1) We are very tall.

2) Rich DEFINATELY does not like japanese food.

3) All you can drink kareoke is the greatest concept of the eastern world.

4) We owe zankyo records a beer.

Now with an 18 hour journey back to the uk we have some great memories and some great new friends and fans of the band, we`ve shared sweat, spit and sushi with what feels like half of japan, we were lucky enough to play all our shows with a great swedish band called scraps of tape and were taken care of like we were westlife (without the fat one) by a great tour manager/friend called juinki .

Anyway gotta go I`ve saved just enough money to pay for around 6 hours in the massage chair at the airport so hopefully after that they`ll have to pour me onto the plane like a curly soup.

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