Sunday, 20 September 2009


So its taken some time to get to do the first blog and its now four thirty am and on a Japanese computer, so please excuse how this may read!!

Japan so far has been more than amazing, despite a thirty hour trip to get to osaka, we were welcomed with open arms and everyone is awesome, especially our new best friend and most excellent tour manager Junki - he rocks.

Zankyo Records are amazingly organised and we have had everything sorted for us so well.

OSAKA Club Quattro
The venue is in the middle of the centre on the top floor of a shopping centre, and is well cool. We joined a load of other Zankyo bands and were lcky enough to play to a packed out 600 audience - it was jaw droppping.

NAGOYA - Club Quattro
Another brilliant venue and again at the top of a shopping centre. The crowd were amazing and it`s crazy how they respond to us. We`ve even been signing tee shirts and stuff haha. We found a feature in a Japanese magazine on us and a sick band from Sweden Scraps Of Tape, who we have been sharing our bus with, they are excelellent guys and bloody brilliant band too.

Headlining both nights has been te, who are well worth checking out.

We`re playing one of Tokyo`s top venues tomorrow, along with a load of awesome bands and are really excited.

This trip so far has been nothing short of amazing, and hopefully will carry on that way.

We`ll get some pics and videos online when we can...promise
For now - Sayanora!!!!

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