Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Danish Pigmeat Industry.

Update//Oct 09...
so, we're sat back along side reality, wishing that we weren't, work and play, work and play, I’m forever wondering if this shiny shapes carousel will ever stop spinning as it making me sick and I want to get off. It'll be nice to stay straight for a while, I guess it's not without a few perquisites tied along for the ride and I suppose why we go round and round is because we haven't found somewhere to get off yet. Any artistic outlet will understand that it will never pay for itself so we're convinced by ourselves that a little hard work goes a long way and with good friends you can never really go wrong! Due to a more recent magical happening we are able to see just that, Mimas! these lovely Danish wonders unlike shapes enjoy more delicate quirkier sounds filtering out through their beautiful minds.

We're been as busy as ever since our return home, back swimming the streams of the river of shit that I like to call the British motorway systems, doing what we do best, jump, strike note, shout, jump some more, vomit! Anyone for a Danish?
The pleasure has been all ours, although unfortunately having a couple of dates cancelled on such short notice due to ferry cancellations (as Mimas would say, Fuckers!), this put a slight damper on the tour as we were excited to be spending the whole week together but i guess its only left us wanting more. We still managed to make the most of this one though, ok so we still had to venture home most nights, believe me we did not want to but anyone that knows us, knows that’s how we're obligated to function.

So we managed the following . . .

9th Oct - Norwich Arts Centre, Norwich
10th Oct - Royal Park Cellars, Leeds
12th Oct - City Screen Basement Bar, York
13th Oct - The Red House, Sheffield
14th Oct - The Flapper, Birmingham - cancelled
15th Oct - Chameleon Arts Cafe, Nottingham - cancelled

Four dates, not as many as we liked but something’s you just can't help. We absolutely love those Danish prince's Mimas, I strongly recommend that you jump to the opportunity to see them live, unfortunately it will have to be next time they are in the UK as if your reading this now then you've gone and missed it. These 'death-indie' wonders will have you singing along in no time and if you want to sing along you can and not feel ridicules because chances are most people there will be singing too.
we've known Mimas for quite a while now and have had the pleasure of playing with them several times before across the British underground, I think its time we worm our way over to demark and start a super group with these boys, imagine the chaos.

More on our agenda are these two events thats will see us through to the end of October,
25th Oct - Hockley Hustle @ Bodega Social, Nottingham
29th Oct - Topman CTRL curated by Gallows @ The Flapper, Birmingham
(below as a previous post you can see the detail for this)
come and say hello.

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