Thursday, 26 November 2009

You Butcher Tabbed

Some crazy ass mofo has tabbed You Butcher.

You Butcher Tab

I don't know if it i right, but we'll be having a go at it at some point, let us know if it sounds good.

Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Ups and Downs

So we played the Topman CTRL gig curated by Gallows on Thursday, with our good friends Soni Quella. And this week we're gonna go bag us some Topman clothes as a reward, so don't be surprised when you next see us and we actually look decent!!

We were meant to be doing a kick-ass tour with Youves starting the day after, but the Friday was cancelled. Bad Start. Then we headed to Middlesborough for a gig on the Saturday, but didn't really consider it being Halloween and everyone being more interested in Zombies than music, so we played to a drunken swarm of frankensteins and ill looking nurses (or something like that). Youves were awesome and we were treated to a load of toast back at the house we were stopping at (See - good blog!! *read on everyone else that wasn't there..).

We hit the road at 9.30am and finally arrived at the next destination, Bournemouth, yes the other end of the country, at about 6pm. Unfortunately the audience consisted of as many people as the drive consisted of hours. Not the greatest reception considering the drive!

Cambridge was fun, and Youves totally owned it. Liverppol was cancelled too, and now we just wait til next weeks London show.

It's a real shame cos Youves have been bloody awesome and it's been dick-tastic hanging out with them, but I'm sure we'll get to do it again sometime soon.