Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Le Boeuf Douche

We're all achey and tired after only two days on the road with Mutiny On The Bounty - what a surprise!! It's been awesome so far.

We were happy to share the bill with Mutiny, Pneu and Shield Your Eyes (along with a lovcal band who I can't remember the name of sorry). It was a corker of a night. We were a bit lame but it was daylight when we went on!! Big up to Mazz for putting on such a great line up and letting a fat load of us stuff at his after too.

Another corker! We were joined by Young Wolves and Solomon Grundy, who were both very good. We took third slot and had a cheeky addition to the line up in the form of Pete Reisner who id this drum cover of Trampled By A Horse. So yeah we dragged him on to play Trampled with us - what legend!
Massive thanks to everyone involved in last nights show, it was great.

Unfortunately we aren't doing Glasgow, Brighton or Southampton but will be back with the lovely Luxembourg lot on Friday in Newcastle.

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