Monday, 12 April 2010

motb tour continues

So the tour hads been quite a struggle for Mutiny On The Bounty, with a new guitarist and temporary bassist being trained up to get tour ready. The shit hit the fan and fired poo all over the place the other day though when new recruit Steve left the band unexpectedly mid-tour. Luckily the Lux chaps have a very handy and talented merch guy in the form of Claude, who has stepped in on guitar and done a grand job too.

We played a rather poorly attended show in Newcastle on Friday, but had a great night afterwards drinking as many beers as we possibly could with new found friend Aaron from opening support Knuckle Dragger, cheers dude x

Manchester on Sunday was top notch, especially with the Shisha bar attached to the venue, we enjoyed a fine selection of smokes before playing! Mutiny powered through even though Sacha was real ill, man those guys can overcome any boundary!!

There's only Leeds and London left with the lovely motb crew :(

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