Thursday, 21 October 2010

Manchester and Birmingham monstering

We're a couple more shows into the dates with these monsters, having battled through shitting traffic yet again for our jaunt to Manchester. We arrived fashionably/unfashionably late, just about turning up 10minutes before our set time! Whoops! The gig was part of In The City and we were lucky enough to be invited to be on the Brew Records showcase.

The gig was alright, nothing special, nothing poor, but alright. We played some new songs, some went well some didn't! The highlight of the night seemed to be rich and steve spotting Bez!!

Last night we played birmingham. Luckily a few faithfuls showed up and just about managed enough people to warrant calling it an audience. What's up Birmingham!? Why don't people bother going to shows unless it's a Friday and they can get drunk? This city needs to fucking wake up and appreciate what is here before it's gone and everyone gets the joy of moaning about there being no gigs!!

Nottingham tonight at The Bodega, I have high hopes....

Tuesday, 12 October 2010

And you and I EP release show

We had the pleasure of joining our good friends in &U&I for the Birmingham date of their first tour, and also the release show for their awesome debut EP 'Kill the man that shot the man'. Many of you will surely heard of, if not enjoyed, blakfish, so it should be no surprise to you to find that &U&I are pretty tasty, as they spawn from the same members, minus one.

The show was busy, hot, fun, and drunk. We had the pleasure of playing alongside birminghams IO as well as Maybe She Will. I'll spare the breakdown and words about every band, it was all good throughout.

Our remix eps have been late delivered bit should be here today, so apologies to you lovely people who pre-ordered and are waiting patiently. Don't forget to enjoy the free weekly downloads at

Next show is gonna be sick. The Brew Records showcase at In The City in Manchester. The venue is Gullivers. We're joining These Monsters, Castrovalva, Chickenhawk and more. We go on stage at 8pm so get down early!!

Wednesday, 6 October 2010

October shows begin

We began our October stint of shows last night at The Old Blue Last in Shoreditch, London. Despite a rocky start and quite a few hitches along the way, it was a pretty enjoyable affair.

The night began with massive traffic issues for all bands playing, and by 8.15 the doors had been open since eight and no bands were there. As can be expected the in house promoter wasn't best impressed. Luckily things turned out okay and after a slight delay it got on track.

Munroe effect opened up following a selection of hits by Thrash Hits DJs, which seemed to include numerous plays of Andrew WK! Unfortunately they were jinxed with technical gremlins and watched by a rather static crowd, but fought through and powered on honourably.

These monsters took their chance to wake the crowd up and were steaming along, all until the moment when the guitar amp head they borrowed of us went flying to the floor and taking a couple of scars on the way. We missed the rest of their set fixing the amp, which fortunately got going again.

Our set seemed to alright, a little rusty being the first of the tour, but not too shabby. We opened with some old faithfuls then chucked in a few new songs, which I think we'll be doing more of this tour.

The drive home was a killer and this bus journey isn't too inspiring after 4 hours sleep. Oh well. Next up is Friday 8th at The Flapper for &U&I Ep release show