Thursday, 21 October 2010

Manchester and Birmingham monstering

We're a couple more shows into the dates with these monsters, having battled through shitting traffic yet again for our jaunt to Manchester. We arrived fashionably/unfashionably late, just about turning up 10minutes before our set time! Whoops! The gig was part of In The City and we were lucky enough to be invited to be on the Brew Records showcase.

The gig was alright, nothing special, nothing poor, but alright. We played some new songs, some went well some didn't! The highlight of the night seemed to be rich and steve spotting Bez!!

Last night we played birmingham. Luckily a few faithfuls showed up and just about managed enough people to warrant calling it an audience. What's up Birmingham!? Why don't people bother going to shows unless it's a Friday and they can get drunk? This city needs to fucking wake up and appreciate what is here before it's gone and everyone gets the joy of moaning about there being no gigs!!

Nottingham tonight at The Bodega, I have high hopes....

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